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Who is Emma Stone Dating? | Heavycom Emma Stone is one of the most desirable actresses in Hollywood these days, with an Academy Award under her belt at just 30-years-old

The La La Land actress will be attending tonight's Golden Globes, where she will be presenting, and has also been nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for her work in The Favourite As she takes to the stage, people will likely wonder about her personal life, as they tend to when it comes to celebrity actresses But is Stone dating anyone these days? Or is she flying solo? Here's what we know: For a while– from roughly 2011 to 2015– Stone dated Amazing Spider-Man co-star Andrew Garfield

The two met on set, and their relationship was documented often in the media At the time of their breakup, sources told US Weekly that the pair "still have a lot of love for one another" but "it just wasn't working" Now, it appears Stone may very well be single In December, she was interviewed by Vogue She opened up about her life, detailing what it felt like to turn 30– she did not once mention her love life

If she is, in fact, in a relationship, Stone is keeping her lips sealed when it comes to her partner's identity Even though she's likely single these days, Emma says she does see herself settling down eventually In August, she told Elle, "My perspective about kids has changed as I’ve gotten older I never babysat or anything As a teenager, I was like, I’m never getting married, I’m never having kids

And then I got older and I was like, I really want to get married, I really want to have kids" She continued, "It’s the turning-30 thing where you’re like, I’m not that young I’m young, but I’m not that young"

For now, however, it seems Stone is putting her career first Who else was she been linked to, apart from Garfield? Most recently, she was linked to SNL director Dave McCary In fact, it's possible the two are still dating– in December, W reported that Stone and McCary were "still going strong, despite the fact that they haven't been spotted together in nearly a year" The pair were first reported to be an item in October 2017

At that time, a source said they had been dating for about three months They met when Emma starred in the December 3 SNL sketch "Wells for Boys" which was directed by McCary Fellow SNL writer Julio Torres told Vulture about McCary, “He is one of the most tender, beautiful hands when it comes to directing It isn't surprising that Emma is constantly in the news when it comes to her personal life, but the actress certainly seems to be keeping it tight-lipped when it comes to her life out of the spotlight Will she win tonight's Golden Globe?

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