The School of Science, Engineering, and Technology at Penn State Harrisburg

*Whoosh* ♫ Just that hands-on approach and that personal attention that you're gonna get when you come here A large scale operation at a small-town feel

The opportunity to innovate the future and really impact someone When they're running an experiment they're the ones running the experiment not a graduate assistant who might be helping them do it ♫ The school of science engineering and technology at Penn State Harrisburg, offers an intense practical and hands-on experience to prepare our students for a STEM career The school's graduate and undergraduate programs include mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering, computer science, mathematics, biology, and science As a kid I've always been very interested in how things worked

Here at Penn State Harrisburg there's many opportunities to work hands-on The interaction that the clubs provide the interaction that students have working on team projects gives them the opportunity to learn from each other there's a lot of peer to peer learning that goes on in addition to what goes on in the classroom You really get to actually fail quickly and you learn what your weaknesses are and you get to fix them With STEM being such a growing field I think Penn State Harrisburg is a good school for students to look at This school gives you a very good baseline in a lot of fields that you might go into or you might need when you actually look for a job

The core of knowledge that we give our students, our engineering and science students, here at Penn State Harrisburg is one of the premier ones it's one of our premier focuses I would say it does makes the theory and fundamental kind of knowledge with practical kind of application Our lab resources are expanding we have an engineering lab building that exists on campus that students come in not knowing anything about the lab equipment but they get taught that Everybody knows each other we all have the same classes together we all study together we all celebrate our accomplishments together we all struggle together A little over a year ago I had the opportunity to work for Volvo construction equipment through them through Penn State Harrisburg I had this opportunity to coop at a reputable brand

The senior project for the engineering students is a major undertaking They spend the fall semester making a presentation of what the project should be and then they actually conduct it demonstrating The research experiences I've had here I don't think I'd be able to find anywhere else Currently I'm working on a project sponsored by Hershey Medical to design an add-on for a passive prosthetic leg to make it an active prosthetic In my recent project I created a small-scale security alert system because I have little sisters at home that like to break into my room

I have a research group this may be five or six students and I kind of kind of dote on them a little bit I'm able to really give them that a one-on-one experience You're learning and your professors want you to learn But we are a smaller College which we're basically one-on-one with the students we don't have large class sizes so that's more beneficial for the students learning process You'll have an opportunity to have classes with the same faculty members multiple times over a career here Everybody comes from a different coach or a different background in life

It's just you just get a great connection with your professors you get the hands-on experience you and you get that reputation that Penn State holds Thoroughly enjoyed my time here at Penn State Harrisburg and I'm honored to call Penn State Harrisburg my home away from home ♫

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