Can boys wear makeup in Japan? Japanese girls on dating boys who wear makeup

For example, your BF if he does makeup every day, how is it? If I like him in total including that, I wouldn't mind If he has good color on the eye shadow, I'll want to ask what he's using Hey guys and girls, it's Cathy Cat This time we're going to go ask Japanese girls what do they think about Japanese boys doing their makeup It's a new trend Let's go find out

Don't forget, hit the subscribe button and click on the notification bell for more information so let's go and ask Japanese girls I'm asking whether men's makeup is yes or no Please vote first Should I say yes? Men's makeup? -Yes Oh, yes Yes Ok You said yes Why? If that person can get confidence by doing that makeup, I think it's no problem What type of makeup is ok? If that person likes it, anything For Visual-K guysmaybe A bit scary If that person is ok, it's ok What part is scary? They seem to have a strong personality and their character looks pretty scary It's discrimination but I cannot get close to those people Whatever that person likes, they should do it If that doesn't bother anybody around them, What makeup is ok, what is not? I don't like really flashy ones so I think natural ones are good So for instance your BF does makeup every day

How do you feel? Well if I like him including all that, I wouldn't mind but since I don't spend few hours doing my makeup so I may feel the feminine side from him Which mean you have to do better? I will feel confused if he has more feminine side than I do I would feel uneasy I'd think If he was better than I am, I would hope he does it for me -Do my makeup? -yes Why no? I hope he stays natural Natural makeup? No thank you Compete with your natural self I like just the way he is Don't do makeup and stay clean would be enough for me What if one day your BF starts doing makeup? I'd ask "what happened?" I'd say" are you ok?" I'd stop him I'd ask why but if there is a deep meaning behind it then I'd do nothing I hope he doesn't, though Being fashionable is not just for girls I don't mind men doing it I often see men using circle lens so so I think it's no problem If it looks well on him, it's ok even if it doesn't, if he is ok with it, then it's good If the guy is doing his best? Yes Will you put a limit on how much makeup is OK? Let's say Visual-K is too much or? If the person is ok, it should be ok If it is what he likes, I won't stop him If the person enjoys it? -Yes What if your BF does makeup? Well, even if my BF does makeup I think it's ok I want to go buy makeup goods with him I would like to learn with him So kind True if you go and buy with him Yes, that way we can both understand each other On a day when your BF has more flashy makeup than you What then? Since I originally don't do that much makeup "Oh you have quite heavy makeup today" That would be it You mean my BF? I wonder

let's say the eye shadow looked bright I would ask what he was using I wouldn't want to deny him If it wasn't too heavy and he's satisfied with it, it's ok Natural makeup is ok? Yes How fashionable can I guy be? If the ideal style has been met, anything is ok How long does it take to do your makeup? Me, 10 minutes 10 minutes? You can do your face in 10 minutes? -Yes Quite an expert It takes me 1 hour Foundation or just a bit of eye makeup is ok Visual-K? Visual-K isa bit no thank you Why yes? Beautiful men are better Good point, good point How far is ok? Up to women's level If you don't make over Make over with makeup If not a face lift How about my makeup? No problem Wow -Quite free? -Yes If your partner or your BF What if he does makeup? It's ok No problem at all -and you? -No problem What if he takes more time in bathroom than you? It should be ok So kind No problem I go to an art school so and the boys around me do makeup as well so There is nothing strange so it's ok Self awareness on beauty is nice Even flashy makeup for men is ok? If not for daily makeup, it's ok You like natural makeup? Yes maWhat if your BF's makeup is thicker than yours? Oh in that case Why don't you make it thicker? I'll try to align it Do you know any guys around you who does makeup? No there isn't but

There are many people like that on YouTube so So the dislike of that has decreased More makeup guys on YouTube? That makeupI think you call it beauty YouTuber There are many women who does that but but there are some men who are getting popular with that They do beautiful makeup so when I look at it They do it very nicely so I want to get better Makeup YouTuber

Do you remember the name? Kondo Youji He's a magazine model, probably So the person on a magazine teaches you how to do makeup? That's right He just does foundation and stuff I was quite amazed by him and he looked cool If he doesn't have a lot of small hair around his face Beard? Ah yes, if you are going to shave, shave and don't leave any At least have some sense of fashion even without makeup That's important Even if he doesn't have makeup on but is clean, then it's ok What do you mean by "clean"? Smell? The artificial scent of mist or cologne is no problem Also the masculine smell men have is also ok but smell like they haven't taken a bath is not ok Eyebrows and beard Trim the eyebrows and beard, and if you have dry skin, put some skin lotion on2 I don't think you need anything else How should the eyebrows be? Not too thin and natural Yes If they were to compete on something other than makeup What shoulde they compete in? Hairstyle and clothes? Circle lens, yes or no? Circle lensI don't want that Better not For me, it's cooking since I'm working in the food industry so I hope they would shave their beard I don't want them to look like someone who would be rejected by customers That part is what I least expect from them I don't think I like guys who are cooking with this much long beard As a image it's not good The bottom line is no beard For me, no

If at first sight if he looks clean, it's ok For you,is beard ok? If it matches his face, ok Trimmed beard? If trimmed, yes There are more men who is wearing makeup in Japan What do you think? What do you think the reason is? Probably there are more hervibores? You mean men are not interested in women? Maybe that's it They want to show themselves cute as possible that is my guess The cute type of boys are increasing so Instead of the masculine type, those actors are increasing It's that era? I guess those type of pretty boys are increasing Media effect? I guess so What if the BF says "Let's go out with no makeup on", what would you say? That could be a problem Not possible I think one big reason is that SNS has widespread On SNS, the thought that Visual-K men are cool has spread out and people mimic them That may be the reason They see Instagram and they think they would do it I think a lot of the men just go on with the trend like that I wonder, maybe it's that losing the men and women boundry and going genderless making all equals as a movement and that movement is starting gradually That is all the questions Thank you very much And those were Japanese girl's opinions on boys in Japan wearing makeup I hope you enjoyed the video, if you did don't forget to hit the LIKE button now The director of Ask Japanese never wears makeup That's never ever going to happen, I think unless we get a really really riducule dare On that note what do you think about makeup on boys Especially do girls in your country accept makeup on boys or not What's the difference, let me know If you're a girl, leave me a comment If you're a guy leave me a comment And guys discuss with each other what you may think with each other I'll looking forward to seeing everyone start the discussion I hope you a good day and see you on the next video from Ask Japanese Don't forget to LIKE Bye

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